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Lord give us your knowledge to be the daughters and sons you want us to be for you, not the ones we want to be, because you are perfect but we are not .
Respect doesn't comes with age, it is earn to by your behaviour.
If you are sitting on your lazy arse eating breakfast off of paper plates while wearing P.J.'s with a big Pepsi stain down the front it's probably time to do some housework!! Wish me luck!! lol
Love this quote!!! And oh so true! If we really Love someone, there is no reason to lie
I love this quote it touches home
We miss u Saidu ma :(
First propose 17th October
Want to my story in working out is get should the time
May God Mend Your Heart On Losing The One You Love As Quickly As He Gave Her to You
Thank you god for all you do for me and all behind me. I pray that coming week wont be a lot busy like the last week.
It is important to always tell the truth a lier is someone who can't be trusted I just keep my distance God is good God sees all by me being a child of God the enemy can't hurt me
How I feel today!!
Love Me ! I Don't Care ... Hate Me! I Don't Care ... But Don't Say About Me Any This ... !!! That how I Am ... B|
A broken heart is the most hardest thing 2 repair
Don't mix bad words with your bad mood. you'll have many opportunities to change a bad mood.. But you will never get the opportunity to replace the word you spoke spoke.
I still remember The First day You propose October 17


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