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why do boys say they love u and act all sweet when your alone but in front of their Friends there
it takes a boy to break you heart and damage it , but it takes a honest and faithful one to repair it , i wish i could find one
clicks on chat and when i finally see your name i just sit there staring at it because i don't know what to say to you if only you knew how much i like you. <3
I love how you have time for everybody else in the world, but as soon as I come around, you're instantly busy.
why do things have to be so complicated! why can't you just realize that i like you? i want to tell you how i feel but i cant ruin the friend ship we have! :(
i like you and you said u liked me but then you push me away and wont talk to me i don't get it
I'm going to be blunt about this: I really like you. More than I should. I want u to feel the same. Okay? there. u can go back to not noticing me now...
i like this boy but i don't k if they likes me
Don't worry, I already claimed you as my next mistake
I do like you but I'm trying to get over you because i know you don't feel the same way about me .. your just not worth it :(
When i first met you, i thought you were just another boy... now your so much more, your my everything <3
Who goes from girl to girl? Then back to the other girl and tell her lies, but then changes his mind? Whats that called? Bipolar? No? Hmmmmm...ummm..a...PLAYER!
i like you,but i don't want to mess up an awesome friendship
Don't you just love it when you catch someone cute staring at you and you just sit there smiling at each other!<3
This has never happened to me before. Every time I see your face, I smile. My heart races. My eyes look at yours. My feet go to you. Uncontrollably. I love you!
I bought you a condom, I thought maybe while you're acting like a dick. You should dress like one.
Most guys think girls hearts are toys. They get them, play with them for a while, then they get tired of it and go get a new one </3


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