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They say that what goes around comes back around, and that if you do something bad you will have to pay for it later. Because this is a widespread belief, karma Facebook statuses tend to be quite popular. Good and bad karma Facebook statuses can both play a role in boosting activity. However, if you try to exploit good karma Facebook statuses for bad reasons, is this wise?

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You're so miserable in your life that you can't make friends unless there is some level of drama on your part! People don't like you, they just tolerate you!
My kindness isn't me being weak or kissing your tail. My kindness is a strategy. You will get payback for what you have done wrong to me.
Dear Karma..you Are so Wonderful!!! Thank you For allowing Me the Pleasure to Watch you Bitch slap Those who Are long Overdue. keep Up the good Work...
"you may think I'm stupid or blind to what's going on but the truth is i know & I'm saving that all up for the day karma comes calling me asking for names.."
I really wish I could travel with Karma...I'd love to be there when "what goes around, comes around."
is learning not to expect anything from anyone, that way I don't get disappointed when they let me down.
The Karma you get when you screw over a good woman is the bitch you end up with!
Its sad that some peoples lives are so bad that they have to strike out and try to take people down with them... What a pitiful life they have...
Karma is my friend. So keep that in mind before you hurt, lie, cheat, or mess with me. they might just kick your butt clean off the map.
every action has a consequence;all tomorrows are based on what you do today.Bury your head in the sand and that just leaves your arse exposed to a good kicking!
life's too short to tread on the little bullshit feuds with love one, you never know one day that love one could die and the last thing you had was that.
Dear Karma: THANK YOU! Ha Ha Ha!! :o)
.."you get what you give in this life that we live
I don't understand how someone can ruin another persons life and think there won't be any consequences for what they have done. Karma is coming for them.
has a new philosophy; be kind to everyone, even those that are unkind to you.. then sit back and watch Karma do its thing.
Have you noticed that some people seem to have chaos and drama follow them everywhere? I wonder..do they seek it, cause it...or is it Karma?
When u choose the action, u also choose the consequence..there is only so much that can be taken back n that can be forgiven...u didn't choose very well did u??
Karma's a bitch.. revenge is sweet.. wait.. sit back and laugh your head off when it comes round :D


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