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Don't you hate it when you go to the movies and the person next to you keeps asking what's going to happen and you keep telling them you haven't seen it either?
I am only strong because of the strength God has given me. My life isn't easy not by a long shot BUT I have God.
Hes a country girl!!! OMG who likes jalapenos and fruit bars??? lol
What is so great about the "bright side" ?
that one person who thinks they're amazing but actually, they look like a donkeys ass!
The best things come into your life when you don't expect it or are looking for something else
Often we lose sight of lifes simple pleasures, remember when some1 annoys u, it takes 42 muscles 2 frown but only 4 to xtend ur arm and slap th twat!
< it knows my name, STALKERZ!
If i was arrested for something what would it be for?
is wondering whether it's too late to become a nun??
All Anyone ever wants is more.. take a moment?? (Is there ever an end to More?)
For Sale: 1 Heart. Horrible condition. I don't care what you do with it, just rip it out of my chest and take away this pain.
There are times being alone at night just sucks! This would be one of those times. *sighs*
I might be a bitch...but I'm the pick of the litter!
our finger prints don't fade from the lives we touch
I exercise my right of freedom of speech, so therefore, FUCK,SHIT,CUNT!


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